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Bewabon Shilling – Land, Colour, Shadow

Congratulations to Bewabon Shilling on the recent acquisition of two major canvases for the Global Affairs Canada Visual Art Collection.  The mandate of the collection is to provide Canadian works of art for display in representational areas of Canada’s embassies, high commissions, consulates and official residences worldwide. The purpose is to promote Canadian art in all media and to convey an inclusive, diverse image of contemporary Canada.

This means that Bewabon’s work will be appreciated and enjoyed by Canadians and art lovers around the world.  The Commission has purchased two 48” x 48” oil on canvas works;
Bewabon Shilling
“Field Series – Pink and Purple” 2022  and  “Field Series – Blue and Green” 2022.


These two works were selected from our Art Toronto presentation in October 2022.  Congratulations to Bewabon on this important honour.  He will represent Canada very well on the world stage.

For our first solo show of 2023, Shilling’s work will include the avidly collected themes of landscapes and fields. This past fall, Paul and Allie visited Bewabon at his Rama studio to view his most recent work.. The smiles they had on their faces when they returned to the Gallery were contagious. Shilling has continued to move forward in his ongoing tree line and field series, as well as, continuing to get out on the ice each winter to gather inspiration for his Ice Hut series.

What we love (as a gallery) is Shilling’s continuous evolution. You can always see Bewabon’s signature brush strokes, but his subject matter continues to pursue growth. As the title of the show suggests, his focus for this exhibition is the land that surrounds him and the colour, light, and shadow that fall upon his property. Shilling continues to inspire, not only us at the gallery, but, to all those who have become fans of his work over the past 20 years.