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Heritage – Jimmy Perron 2023

Heritage –  Jimmy Perron 2023

“I have been the father of a little boy for 7 months. Julien has transformed my life, My exhibition will then be tinged with this notion of heritage, transmitting to this human being all these values, these experiences, these inspirations that drive me, How not to remain marble in front of his reactions, his bursts of joy, his childish fascination during his first visits to my studio…the miracle of life.”

Notions of heritage are scattered throughout Jimmy’s show, having been massively inspired by the birth of his son Julien. With works such as Les Vinaicriers and River at the Bottom of the Row, Perron delivers us landscapes with the familiar fauna and flora we have come to love in his work. Perron also reintroduces myth-inspired narratives which conceptually play back into his personal philosophy.

Each piece enables a dreamscape portal into Jimmy’s imagination. You will find a familiar world with soaring birds and canoeing people mixed with an alien landscape of Harris-like trees and obscure mountain ranges.