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Bewabon Shilling – Tree Series

Video by: Maltese Media

Words from the Director, Paul Wildridge:

“It is always interesting to watch an artist develop throughout their career. In the case of Bewabon Shilling, we first met him when we started handling the work of his late father, Arthur Shilling. That was in 1989 when Be was 12. We followed his progression going through OCAD from 1998 to 2001 and started handling his work in 2002 at the age of 25.

Since that time he has experimented and developed. There have been series of landscapes, portraits, still life, fields, ice huts and forests. He has taken these ‘series’ and worked them in and out of abstraction, left them and then revisited them to develop them further.

Most recently his “Field” or “Trees” images have been a major interest. In October of 2017 Be was struggling with what he was going to paint next. He was ‘flat’ and uninspired. But as we sat at Art Toronto he started sending us “texts” with images of these new works he was producing right outside his studio window. Raking leaves on a beautiful Fall day gave him the boost to see a new subject. We were very excited as these images kept flowing our way and suggested that these were too good to not display them.

That led to a Pop Up show at our gallery in late November with 24 new works. The public’s reaction was the same as ours and we sold all of the pieces in 2 days. This series has developed since then and will be the focus of Be’s upcoming exhibition. The new Tree series is bigger, more colourful, filled with light and verging on abstraction.

The new show will also include revisited themes of ice huts, landscapes, fields and portraits.
Should be an exciting show!”