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The first painting I did for the show is « La terrasse de la Ca’ del Glicine, à Venise ». And then, the theme of the exhibition became evident to me: Cities.

Montreal is where I lived a good part of my life. I regularly sketch in the bistros and cafés where I have always felt at home. In the last few years, Toronto has become familiar to me with its backyards of Cabbagetown, these small gardens which appear as an oasis in the city. Paris « la ville lumière » with its terraces. Paris has already inspired me for several exhibitions. And at the end, Venice, my last destination in September 2018. Incredible Venice, dreamy, mysterious, colourful, and wonderful. Omnipresence of the water, shimmer of the light, where everything is changing in a timeless decor. At a time, a casual and princely city, a mix of everyday life and mythical history. Strong and vulnerable. Paradoxical city. Magical City.

I like the periods after my trips. Going back in my studio, I have the right conditions to go deeper in my subjects where I add memories to my sketches. I integrate the different elements in a new composition. I translate the specific ambience of the place, the existential mood. I express my perception of a precise moment. Capture the truth of the instant in my painting is my quest, the sense of my research. In this exhibition, in part inspired by the beauty of Venice, I explored new colour harmonies. Fresh colours with lower contrast in a different conception of light where even the shadows are luminous.

Jeannette Perreault