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Roberts Gallery Blog


I would like to share the spirit in which I prepared my work for my upcoming show at Roberts Gallery. I ask myself what I am expressing in my work and the clear answer is to try to witness the nourishing and richness that I experience in a subject. Beauty brings me deep peace.

My goal is to have the viewer feel like they are there having the same emotions. To that purpose I ask myself, what are the characteristics that reveal the location, the season and the time of day in that piece. Intuition and sensitivity go much deeper than logical thinking in studying the light that creates that unique moment. All the colours must work together in the same key, then it means something more than the esthetic aspect.

My living in the country for the past few years has made me more involved with the landscape and nature scenes that I encounter on my walks. Reflections in the water or a close-up where the light and shadows build the composition allow me to paint in an abstract way so that the colours are making the painting. Colour in is its own mystery give sensations and express emotions just like music. I understand why Riopelle did not see any difference between figurative and abstract painting.
Whether I am painting a street scene or a landscape, my search is the same and it has brought me further in the study of harmony and colour. I am using saturated pastel colours with lower contrasts so that the light is coming from the colour itself. The contemplative aspect of those nature scenes, a fluid drawing with arabesques and the design of some decorative leaves give an oriental touch to my impressionist style. There is no coincidence in this evolution. My art without any didactic intention simply reflects my soul and my quest.

-Richard Montpetit