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Most of the artists we handle are referred to us by other dealers or other artists.  Some will approach us directly.  In Elene Gamache’s case, we were not familiar with her work when we travelled to Montreal in December 1992.  We were meeting with Richard Montpetit and Jeannette Perreault whose work we had started handling in recent years.  We had arranged to meet them at Gallery Valentin and meet with Jean Pierre Valentin.  Unfortunately, Jean Pierre was ill and stayed home that day.  Fortunately for us that meant that he did not have time to rehang his gallery.  The Elene Gamache exhibition had ended the previous Saturday and was still installed in the gallery. We loved her fresh, bold florals and still life and our inquiry led to our meeting Elene and subsequently handling her work for the Toronto area.

In the 25 years that we have handled Elene’s work, we have watched her move from gorgeous works on paper featuring urns of flowers and still life, to her travels to Tuscany and Provence and now to bold “floating-like” floral bouquets.  We wake up every morning inspired by a piece we purchased 20 years ago.  It is always the painting in our collection that everyone comments on.

They say “timing is everything” and in this case, we were introduced to the work of one of our favourite artists because of this series of circumstances.  Our first solo exhibition with Elene was in 1995 and we have looked forward to her biannual spring shows at our gallery ever since.

– Charlene Wildridge