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Roberts Gallery’s Newest Artist

We are pleased to announce Roberts Gallery’s newest artist, Nada Sesar-Raffay. Here are a few words of introduction from the artist herself:

“I studied painting and drawing at the Academy of Fine Arts, University of Zagreb, Croatia, from 1971 to 1976. I began exhibiting my work late seventies through eighties in the few solo and group shows in ex-Yugoslavia and France (Zagreb, Rijeka, Zadar, Beograd, and Paris). My family of three moved to Toronto in 1988. In the nineties and the millennium, I continue exhibiting in Canada, Spain, Malesia (Toronto, Vancouver and Kuala Lumpur) through Buschlen-Mowatt Gallery, Taksu Gallery and Edward Day Gallery.

Year 1976 was one of the happiest and very important: My graduation and my new born son Boris. My love Miro become my husband (years after moving to Canada, we divorced. Miro died in 2017). My grandson Gabriel was born in 2014.
As an artist, I have been experiencing, questioning and challenging all sides of my multifaceted personality through my work. I am a woman of many evolving life roles; mother, wife, daughter, sister, lover, friend, grandmother. I see, feel and speak love and pain in colors, lines, scratches, with brushes, knives, hands and paint, on paper and canvas.
In addition to my studio work, I teach variety of art classes: painting, drawing, portraits, figurative and abstract painting, at the Art Works Art School in Toronto.”

Nada Sesar-Raffay
Jan10. 2018.