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Shanghai Blues – Jimmy Perron

In 2017, Jimmy Perron was invited to be part of a collective exhibition at the Jiangsu’s Traditional Painting Institute located in southwest China. During his stay, he discovered a contrasting world of grandeur and excess, dissonance and beauty; the change of scenery and the amazement are complete.

The city of Shanghai strikes the artist’s senses with its opulence, its stature and its various dualities. This can be found to be destabilizing at first, but merge in harmony after all.

Perron had a revelation as he discovered the art of paper and print made by stone carvings. This technique opened up new horizons to him, and enriches his pictorial language. This medium is now an important facet of his artistic approach and appears in most of the works shown in this exhibition.

This “Shanghai Blues” exhibition paints a subtle portrait of his journey by intertwining his Nordic reality and the indescribable marks left in his imagination by the Celestial Empire.