Arto Yuzbasiyan

Born in 1948 Itanbul, Turkey

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About the Artist

Arto has been part of the Canadian art scene since 1973. His focus is on what many would consider being out of the way depictions of life. Quiet downtown corners where life is lived in harmony with the city is what he captures. These are moments when city dwellers go about their business unaware of his brush. The subjects hurry home through a winter storm or they wait for an ever-present streetcar to arrive.

Born in 1948 in Istanbul, Turkey to a talented, pianist mother, and a father who was a textile manufacturer. Though he did not play a musical instrument like the rest of his mother’s talented family, he was interested in drawing and painting and so at the age of eight, he started taking lessons from a religious painter by the name of Ojeni Telyan. He was profoundly influenced by her traditional, classical style. Later on, he studied under Bedri Rahmi Eyuboglu for a brief period of time and Mustafa Pilevneli. Nonetheless, Arto claims that his main influence was Telyan’s teachings.

In 1972 he worked in Paris and in a small town in the Netherlands repairing Oriental tribal carpets, another passion of his besides painting.

Eventually, Arto immigrated to Canada in 1973 to reunite with his childhood love and marry. There his career as an artist emerged. What makes his work special and meaningful is its focus on the out of the way. Quiet downtown corners where life is carried on harmoniously, with little or no effort, have become the focus of his art. The inhabitants go about their business unaware, hurrying home in a winter storm or waiting for one of Arto’s ever-present streetcars to arrive.

Solo Exhibitions

2006 - Balzac Fine Art, Royal York hotel, Toronto
1975, 1977 - Gallery of Fine Art, Thunder Bay
1976 - Aida Gallery, Brampton
1976 - Damkjar Burton Gallery, Hamilton
1977, 1978 - Studio Six Art Gallery, Toronto
1979 - Janrielle Gallery, Niagara Falls
1979 - Johnson Gallery, Edmonton
1980, '82, '83, '85, '90 - Kaspar Gallery, Toronto
1980 - Kastel Gallery, Montreal
1988 - Galerie Bernard Desroches, Montreal
1988 - University of Toronto, Erindale Campus
1994, 2001 - Roberts Gallery, Toronto
1988 - University of Toronto, Erindale Campus
2004 - Galerie D’Art Vincent, Ottawa

Group Exhibitions

1975, '76, '77 - Beth Tikvah Synagogue Annual Art Exhibit
1979 - Dofasco Collection, Art Gallery of Hamilton
1985, '86 - Armenian Artists, A.G.B.U.
1988 - Korean Watercolour Association, Seoul
1989 - The Market Gallery, City of Toronto Archives
2008 - present, Annual Artists Choice Exhibition, Roberts Gallery, Toronto


Canadian Embassy, Washington D.C.
Sunnybrook Hospital
Canadian Institute, Quebec City
Market Gallery
Toronto Public Library
University of Toronto
Air Canada
Gulf Canada Ltd.
Allstate Insurance Co.
IBM Canada Ltd.
Bell Canada Imperial Oil Ltd.
Board of Trade of Toronto
Mercantile Bank
Cadillac Fairview Ltd.
North American Life
Canada Packers Ltd.
Pal Insurance Company
Canadian General Electric Co.
Rowntree Mackintosh
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
Royal Insurance Co.
Coutts Hallmark Cards
T. Hull Insurance Ltd.
Dofasco Inc.
DuPont Canada
Uniroyal Ltd.
Eastern Construction Ltd.
Xerox of Canada
General Foods Inc.