John David Anderson

Born in 1954 Orillia, ON

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About the Artist

Born in Orillia, Ontario in 1954 and like most kids, drawing and painting were wonderful forms of expression. I just never quit apart from practical interruptions like school, university and making a living. At my high school, A.Y. Jackson Secondary, named after one of the great Group of Seven, pushing paint around was central to my wellbeing. A.Y. came to our high school at its official opening and I met him then. That might have been one of  “those moments.”  My wife always said she would get me back to the brush. Painting is pretty much like breathing for me now. I started at a young age copying the works of Glen Loates and Andrew Wyeth and it just grew from there with the increased exposure to more and more possibilities with paint. Northern and southern European impressionists along with some of the French and Dutch painters as well as North American impressionists all have left their mark on me.

The quality of light in anything I see becomes the focus of my thoughts when a painting begins. Light has an emotional statement to make as it touches things, passes by them, floods over them…it creates a colour field that allows me to enter in. Once in the the space I begin an expression of the space and the affect it has on me. Colour relationships are the voice of that illuminated space that I try to speak to with my brush.

It’s always exciting.

Solo Exhibitions

2023 - solo show, Midland Cultural Arts Centre, The View from My End of the Brush
Summer 2022 - solo show at Southampton Art Centre
Fall 2021 Solo Show , Double Doors Gallery, Anten Mills, Ontario
Fall 2019 - Solo Show, " Discover - Uncover : A Painterly Voice - Double Doors Gallery, Anten Mills
Spring 2018 - Solo Show, Double Doors Gallery, Anten Mills, Ont.
Fall 2017 - Solo show - Rational Expressions Gallery, Stayner, Ont.
Dec 2017 - Solo Show - Red Door Gallery, Georgetown, Ontario
July 2017 - Solo Show Ethel Curry Gallery, Haliburton, Ont.
April 2017 - Solo show at Double Doors Gallery, Anten Mills, Ontario
October 2016, Solo show at Rational Expressions Gallery, Stayner, Ont.
Sept. 2015, Solo Show, Rational Expressions Gallery, Stayner, Ont.
February 2013 - Irish Mountain solo show, Meaford ontario
Winter 2012 - Solo Show at Hugh's Room, Toronto
April 2009 solo show - Mad and Noisy Gallery, Creemore, Ontario.

Group Exhibitions

Winter 2018 - new exhibiting Distillery District Gallery, Arta Gallery, Distillery Lane, Toronto.
Spring 2013 - Double Doors Gallery with CA Henry
August 2012 - Marlowe Gallery - Group show
Fall 2012 - Fall Show with Paul Shilling at the Ridge West Gallery, Oro, Ontario
December 2012 - Marlowe Gallery Group Show - Small Works
June/July 2011 Double Door Gallery Anten Mills - Show with CA Henry
April 2011, Mad and Noisy Gallery Show - with Sculptor Katherine Beatty