On display from April 15th to May 27th

Show runs from 04/15/2021 to 05/27/2021
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John Gould is an artist’s artist.  He lead an extraordinary life.  John was considered the master draftman of his generation who was an acclaimed jazz musician and made several short films based on his drawings.
He travelled to Japan, Mexico, Peru and Spain, where he spent his time sketching the local people living their everyday life.  He studied actors from backstage and was invited in 1970, by Marcel Marceau to fly to New York City to draw Marceau during a performance at the City Centre Theatre.

Gould taught a life drawing class at the Ontario College of Art in the 1970’s and 1980’s. His former students flock to the gallery whenever we feature his work.  His exhibition also attracts artists who admire and marvel at John’s ability to draw.  

In 1996, John suffered a cerebral hemorrhage. He lost his ability to walk, talk, and draw however, his musical ability was something he retained.  In 2001, five years after his health setback, John produced an exhibition of new works at Roberts Gallery.  This new work exploded with colour; something his early work typically did not include. John struggled with his speech for the remainder of his life, but was able to communicate with his audience through his drawings and his music. 

This exhibition is a tribute to one man’s perseverance, determination and sheer talent.  

For a selection of John Gould videos, please click here.



Just me and the paper


Gerrit Verstraete

The authorized biography of Canadian drawing master, John Howard Gould (1929-2010), an artist with a strong vocational pull who unabashedly embraced the romance of his life’s work.  Set in the prevailing years of Abstract Expressionism and the CBC’s first steps into public television, the post-beat era of “Toronto the Good,” the Ontario College of Art, and a small town called Waubaushene, Ontario, this is a story of determination, draftsmanship, exotic travels, a hitchhiker’s way of the road, and one man’s creative mission with many musical interludes.

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A must read for any Gould appreciator!